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What real-world problems
does Afero solve?

Finding a secure, simple, and economical way to connect things to the internet is tough. Luckily, that's what the patented Afero technology does like no other.

Whether large or tiny, fixed or mobile, the Afero Platform makes it possible to connect things to the internet securely, at speed, and at scale.

"We're also excited to build on the success of our Hubspace Smart Home platform, expanding our assortment across several categories such as door locks, lighting control, fixtures and ceiling fans. Hubspace makes it easier to set up and manage your smart home products and pairs well with voice-controlled operating systems."

— Home Depot

Let's connect your products to customers.

How does Afero bring AI to life?

By leveling-up connectivity.
By implementing unparalleled security.
By making data actionable.

Real-simple connectivity

Most intuitive product engagement of any IoT Platform. So easy, an adult can set it up.

Military-grade security

IoT specific security that extends through your supply chain, backed by hardware root of trust and VPN-like tunneling without pairing.

Hockey-stick scalability

We didn't become the world's largest low-/no-code IoT ecosystem for nothing.

Unique customizations

All products aren't the same. Nor are users. We tailor your solution to perfectly match both.

Numbers-driven Data nerds

We're built to power billions of devices. That's yottabytes of data. (Yes, that's a real word, we looked it up)

DNA-level IP innovators

We have the 5th largest IoT patent portfolio. Let's add more with your products, shall we?

A more educated and secure Smart Home— powered by Afero

From intelligent lighting to intuitive appliances, Afero provides a clear, proven and secure path to IoT. See what we can do for your product.