Whitepaper outlines how connected devices and cloud platforms require hardened security at every layer of the IoT ecosystem, including the supply chain

Afero, a leading provider of secure Internet of Things ("IoT") platform-as-a-service solutions, will be exhibiting at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, June 7-9, 2022. In conjunction with demonstrating the latest in IoT security, Afero is releasing a whitepaper entitled "Born Secure: reputation-proof IoT innovation from product conception to market penetration."

In the white paper, Afero puts the massive business potential and equally massive security threat of pursuing an IoT product line into perspective – and explores the security roadmap that will propel the next generation of truly secure IoT devices into the market. Without proper safeguards in place, factories producing IoT devices can inadvertently offer an efficient path to compromising entire populations of products.

"Many companies prioritize being cost-competitive over security-competitive – a decision based on consumer price elasticity, and speeding time to market without taking security risks into account." said Joe Britt, Afero co-founder and CEO. "We believe that even elementary IoT-enabled products need to be developed with the utmost security stewardship and hygiene if they want to fend off attacks. The Afero Platform creates a VPN-like tunnel securing the most complex and the simplest of things, even lightbulbs."

Afero's end-to-end secure IoT platform goes beyond any other provider in addressing the supply chain security challenge, and is operating at high-volume scale today for all Afero-enabled products. The Afero IoT PaaS is a dynamic solution with incredible value which encompasses not only the connected home but also industries like Smart Health, Smart Infrastructure, and Smart Logistics. This wide range of use cases is possible because the Afero PaaS prioritizes incredible user experiences with zero-compromise for user privacy and security.

To view the whitepaper, click here
To learn more about Afero, please visit them at the RSA Conference ESE South Level 2, Booth ESE 33 or at http://www.afero.io.