The Home Depot leverages Afero to create smart ecosystem of products.

Homes are becoming increasingly 'smart' and interconnected. The smart home is growing beyond smart speakers and includes light bulbs, wall outlets, ceiling fans, garage doors and much more are trending towards 'smart'. The Home Depot recognized this trend and needed a partner to deliver a common and secure technology to enable its proprietary brands to become smart and to work seamlessly with Google and Amazon voice services.

Why Afero was selected as the IoT platform partner:

  • Afero is a US-based, Silicon Valley company.
  • Afero delivers the very best user experience of any IoT PaaS company on the planet.
  • The best security in IoT industry - proven out by 3rd-party security experts, Dekra and the ioxT Alliance.
  • Low commodity hardware - integrated device and connectivity makes it very efficient to make products "smart".
  • Tight integration with manufacturers in the supply chain.
  • The Afero Platform is designed to work with multiple suppliers.
  • One consistent app experience across all Hubspace products.
  • Streamlined setup and usage experience lowers customer service calls dramatically.
  • Management console web application service which provides product analytics back to home base for all sold products.
  • The fastest time to market of any IoT PaaS company on the planet.

"Afero provides an edge-to-cloud solution that differentiates and accelerates our Hubspace connected home program." - The Home Depot

Benefits to The Home Depot

Fantastic onboarding - 60 seconds

Happier customers = Less returns

Works seamlessly with Alexa, Google, and more

Available on wide selection of smart products

No hub required - devices connect directly to WiFi

Incredible range of user features

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